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Warframe cross-play being looked into by Digital Extremes

Good news, everyone!

Warframe cross-play may be added to the game by its developer, Digital Extremes.

The game’s Switch port was only announced last week, but Digital Extremes has said it’s already looking into cross-play between it and the game’s other versions.

“Since announcing Warframe coming to the Switch, we’ve received an incredible amount of positive reception from both our community and Nintendo players,” Digital Extremes’ Sheldon Carter told TechRadar.

“We’re exploring all options for people to play on and with the Nintendo Switch.”

Digital Extremes is also aware of what happened to Fortnite players who’d previously played on PS4 and then tried to go cross-play via Switch — long story short, it didn’t go well.

“Previously, when we’ve launched on other consoles, we’ve supported [one-time] account migrations,” Carter said of a potential fix to the issue in a hypothetical Warframe cross-play situation. “That would be our starting goals for Switch as well.”

For its part, Nintendo has pledged to assist publishers in making games cross-play functional on the Switch.

Warframe is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4, with a Switch release on the way. Cross-play isn’t yet available between any platforms.


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