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Twin Mirror release date set for early December 2020

You'll enter the Mind Palace sooner than later.

The Twin Mirror release date has been set for 1 December across PC, Xbox One and PS4, DONTNOD today confirmed.

PC pre-orders are open today via the Epic Games Store, with the game’s original soundtrack offered as a pre-order bonus. In addition to today’s news, DONTNOD has released a new trailer that shows off protagonist Sam Higgs’ Mind Palace, a core piece of the thriller’s functionality.

“Sam’s Mind Palace also plays a central part in his quest for the truth. Players will be able to study the environment and gather clues allowing the simulation of multiple scenarios to deduct the course of events or predict the story’s key turning points,” DONTNOD said of the Mind Palace.

“Facing dramatic events and the ghosts of his past, Sam is progressively losing control of this haven of peace. He also soon discovers that the Mind Palace doesn’t really help him confront his fears or reconnect with his acquaintances.”

Twin Mirror heads to Windows PC via Epic Games Store, Xbox One and PS4 on 1 December. We had the chance to preview Twin Mirror earlier this year.


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