Telltale’s The Walking Dead started as Left 4 Dead game



Telltale’s The Walking Dead started life as a Left 4 Dead game, a former employee has revealed.

The tidbit comes by way of Sean Vanaman, a former co-Project Leader and Lead Writer at Telltale Games. Vanaman is perhaps best known Firewatch, made at Campo Santo Games.

The Walking Dead‘s first prototype was all text and UI, built by [Carl Muckenhoupt] and based around the [Left 4 Dead] IP,” Vanaman recently tweeted. “Someone talked to Valve about us doing it and it never happened but TWD did!”

In an interesting twist, Vanaman’s Campo Santo was recently acquired by Valve. The studio’s next game is called In the Valley of Gods.

Over the weekend, Telltale Games confirmed it had laid off 225 of its 250 total employees.