Starlink Battle for Atlas doubles down on Star Fox in April


Only on Switch, of course.

Starlink Battle for Atlas will add new Star Fox content on Nintendo Switch in April, Nintendo confirmed during a Nintendo Direct this morning.

The content, exclusive to Switch, will bring more Star Fox heroes and villains to the mix, joining the already available content that was part of the game since launch.

“Play as Peppy, Falco and Slippy to help aid the fight to down Star Wolf’s lieutenants, Andrew, Pigma and Leon, in a series of challenging missions,” Nintendo said in a press release. “Additional content released as part of the update includes new starship races, faction missions and more.”

You can check out a teaser below.

The special Star Fox update heads to Starlink: Battle for Atlas in April. The title is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. We said it was better to skip the Star Fox content and play on 4K-capable consoles.