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Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery adds Captain Lorca

Prime Lorca = <3.

Star Trek Online will add new content in the form of Rise of Discovery, a new adventure set in the the Star Trek: Discovery timeline and starring Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca.

Issacs will reprise his Discovery role alongside Rekha Sharma as Commander Ellen Landry in a prequel to the television show itself.

“You’ll learn the fateful events that befell the Buran, the last ship commanded by Gabriel Lorca,” Perfect World advised. “You can also explore the Legends of Discovery, a new reputation that unlocks rewards based on the characters of Star Trek: Discovery, and you’ll be able to command our best ships at any level!”

Moreover, the new expansion will add a Tier 6 level of reputation, adding new Task Force Operations. Further, Tier 6 starships will be tweaked to support “player level-less scaling” allowing greater access to ships at any player level.

Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery heads to Windows PC on 14 May. The content will head to both Xbox One and PS4 at a later time. Star Trek: Discovery cast member Mary Wiseman has previously lent her voice talents to the game: Age of Discovery and Mirror of Discovery.


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