Stage 9 Star Trek TNG sim gets cease & desist order from CBS


Boo, CBS.

Stage 9, a popular Star Trek: The Next Generation simulator, has been ordered to cease and desist development.

“As many of you have speculated, the Stage 9 project received a formal cease and desist from CBS Studios,” developer Dan Govier advised in the project’s Discord channel. The project’s Twitter account confirmed the original cease and desist letter was received on 12 September.

According to Govier, the Stage 9 development team has “made every effort to approach [CBS] to discuss modifying the project to meet their criteria, but they are refusing to even discuss the matter.”

“As of now, Stage 9 is no more,” Govier concluded. “Live long, and prosper.”

The project’s website has been shuttered, with a short message mirroring Govier’s statement: “Live long and prosper.”

Sad news today for Star Trek fans; make sure you hang onto your current install if you’re a fan of the project. Our thanks go out to Stage 9′s volunteer development team for outstanding work to date.

Update: A YouTube video has been published by the dev team, further explaining the cease and desist. It’s below.