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Square Enix details its E3 2017 livestream schedule

Square Enix today shared its livestream schedule for E3 2017.

It’s Final Fantasy heavy, featuring the likes of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata.

Here’s what you can expect, and when.

Wednesday, 14 June

  • 4.45 am AEST: E3 2017 opening
  • 5.00 am AEST: 30 Years of Final Fantasy
  • 5.30 am AEST: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: The 101 Then 1 on 1!
  • 6.30 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 7.45 am AEST: Agents of MayhemOpen World Mayhem with a Touch of Seoul
  • 8.15 am AEST: F1 2017: A Ride-along with Codemasters
  • 8.45 am AEST: Kingdom Come Deliverance: Developer Walkthrough
  • 9.30 am AEST: Final Fantasy XIV – Letter from the Producer LIVE at E3 2017
  • 11.00 am AEST: Day 1 wrap up

Thursday, 15 June

  • 2.45 am AEST: Day 2 heads up
  • 3.00 am AEST: Behold the world of Lost Sphear
  • 4.15 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave ExviusMobius Final Fantasy special announcement
  • 5.15 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 7.30 am AEST: A cosplay guide to Agents of Mayhem
  • 8.00 am AEST: Final Fantasy XIV  “Trials of Bahamut” Real Escape Game Preview
  • 8.45 am AEST: Flame vs Blaze: 3v3 Action on the go!
  • 10.00 am AEST: Final Fantasy XV Universe
  • 11.00 am AEST: Day 2 wrap up

Friday, 16 June

  • 2.45 am AEST: Day 3 heads up
  • 3.00 am AEST: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Most Asked Questions with the Producer and Director
  • 3.45 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius special announcement from the Producers
  • 4.15 am AEST: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – E3 Let’s Play & Collector’s Edition unboxing
  • 5.00 am AEST: Square Enix and Milestone – MotoGP 17 and MXGP3
  • 5.45 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 6.45 am AEST: Focus on Merchandise: Final Fantasy trading card game
  • 7.30 am AEST: NieR in Concert: “A Deprival in White, A Revival in Black” highlights
  • 8.00 am AEST: NieR Automata – Emil’s Entertaining E3 Extravaganza
  • 8.45 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Live Stream E3 Edition

Global start times can be accessed here.

You can watch Square Enix’s livestreams below:

Check here for each and every E3 livestream.


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