Special Overwatch event offers a LEGO-like Bastion skin


Well, it certainly doesn't look Duplo-like.

A special Overwatch event is offering players the chance to earn a LEGO-like Bastion skin, Blizzard has today confirmed.

Called Bastion’s Brick Challenge, the limited time event will run between 18 September and 1 October. By playing and winning games, players will earn a variety of LEGO-inspired items, as follows:

  • Win three games: two new player icons
  • Win six games: two new sprays
  • Win nine games: new Legendary skin – Brick Bastion

You can also watch participating Twitch streamers for more unlocks as follows:

  • Watch two hours: one new spray
  • Watch four hours: two new player icons
  • Watch six hours: two new player icons and two new sprays

Overwatch is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Switch next month.