SMITE: Season Ticket & Bellona key giveaways to celebrate its PS4 open beta (and Aussie servers!)


SMITE is heading into open beta on PS4 this week, and to celebrate that — and localised Aussie servers — we’re giving away a bunch of codes!

First, we’ve got 1,000 Bellona & Battle Maiden codes to give to lucky readers. The codes are redeemable on ANY platform SMITE is playable on — you just need to redeem them in the in-game code redemption page. The codes will unlock The goddess Bellona and the Battle Maiden skin:

We’ve also got 50 Season Ticket codes to give away to lucky readers. They’re not first come, first served like the Bellona codes — we’ll draw 50 lucky winners from those who enter at 12.01 pm on Tuesday, 22 March — the same day that SMITE‘s open beta starts on PS4.

There’s all this AND SMITE is also celebrating its second birthday. What a week!

Good luck to those that enter!