Sea of Thieves file optimisation means a much smaller footprint


You save HDD space, Rare can push out updates easier. We all win.

A Sea of Thieves file optimisation exercise will drastically reduce the size of the game on both Xbox One and PC, Microsoft and Rare have recently confirmed.

Via an update coming on 6 February, Sea of Thieves will go from 47GB to 25GB on Xbox One X and from 47GB to 27GB on Windows PC. For those on an original Xbox One console, expect the game to go from a whopping 35GB to a paltry 10GB.

In addition to a smaller footprint, the optimisation will allow its developer to “more quickly generate and transfer builds” of Sea of Thieves. That’s expectional news… especially when we recall that one instance in which players had to fully re-download and install the game after an update. Whoops.

The only downside with the optimisation is that players will need to re-download the entire game one final (?) time.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Windows PC and Xbox One. It’s part of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere programs.