Sony will stop providing digital game codes to retailers in April


You'll have to buy digital games from the PlayStation Store.

A leaked email suggests that Sony will stop providing digital game download codes to third-party retailers, forcing players to purchase digital titles directly through the PlayStation Store.

The email, reportedly sent from GameStop to employees and stores and highlighted by Twitter’s Wario64, says that Sony will stop providing digital game codes to the retailer from 1 April. Two notable exceptions to this policy are Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11both titles will have digital codes available for one week after their release.

While digital game download codes will not be offered for sale, currency for the PlayStation Store will still be available through third-party retailers.

The leaked email directs customers to Sony directly with any complaints. We’ve also gone to Sony for comment on the matter.

Do you buy your PS4 games digitally? If so, do you use third-party retailers to acquire them, or instead go straight through your platform’s store of choice?