Nintendo’s rumoured budget-priced Switch is exclusively handheld


No connecting to a TV or dock for it.

The alleged budget-priced Nintendo Switch will be handheld only and not connect to a TV or dock, a new report by Eurogamer suggests, adding to a report first made by the WSJ.

The original report alleges that Nintendo will release two versions of the Switch later this year: a high-end model akin to an Xbox One X, and a budget-priced model at less cost. The latter will apparently be modeled using the thinking behind Nintendo’s 2DS handheld: a studier, handheld console meant for children.

The report suggests rumble will also be removed from the budget console; the WSJ suggested that HD Rumble will also be removed from the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

Finally, Eurogamer’s report suggests that performance enhancements on the high-end Switch will be “comparable to the one received by the 3DS upon its New 3DS relaunch.”

Nintendo has yet to confirm these reports, of course. We’ll keep you posted as we lrean more.