Nintendo might release two versions of the Switch


A bit like the Xbox One and Xbox One X: one high-end, one not.

Nintendo may release two versions of the Switch, a high-end model and a cheaper option, a new report by the WSJ suggests.

Much like the Xbox One and Xbox One X, the report suggests Nintendo is aiming to cater to gamers at either end of the economic scale. The more expensive Switch variant will feature more power, bringing it closer to that offered by the Xbox One and PS4. The low-end model would do away with things like the Joy-Cons’ HD Rumble feature to bring costs down.

“You would be wrong to think the enhanced version is similar to what Sony did with PS4 Pro and the other is just a cheap alternative that looks very similar to some past hand-held machines, say, Sony’s PlayStation Vita,” a source said to the WSJ.

To date, Nintendo has sold 32 million Switch consoles so far.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.