How long is The Last of Us Part 2? Allegedly, 25-30 hours.

The Last of Us Part 2 is allegedly 25-30 hours in length, a new report from GQ ahead of the game’s review embargo states.

Part II is Naughty Dog’s double album,” the article states alongside an interview with Neil Druckmann. “The kind of game only a handful of studios on earth could hope to make, let alone pull off.

“Clocking in at 25 to 30 hours long (that’s three series of Game Of Thrones combined), it’s a revenge story with the scope of two games smashed together; a broader variety of personalities; a tighter set of locations; and a unique, interwoven structure I’ve not seen attempted in games before.”

We’re not at liberty to discuss The Last of Us Part 2’s length at this time, so it’s up to you as to whether or not you believe GQ’s assessment.

Expect our The Last of Us Part 2 review from 12 June; the game itself heads to PS4 on 19 June. We recently previewed the title here.

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