Continued rumours suggest Microsoft will unveil new Xboxes at E3


Are you ready for codenames Anaconda and Lockheart?

Continued rumours lend legitimacy to the notion that Microsoft will unveil multiple next-generation Xboxes at E3 alongside a disc-less Xbox One ahead of that.

This time, French outlet JeuxVideo is leading the charge, mirroring past rumours that state that next-gen Xboxes are codenamed Lockheart and Anaconda. As per those previous rumours, one of the Xboxes would be an entry-level one while the other would be similar in idea to the 4K, HDR-capable Xbox One X of today. JeuxVideo says that the Xboxes will be officially confirmed at E3 this year and will be released in mid-2020.

In terms of big releases, Halo: Infinite will be the AAA game timed for the release of the next-gen Xbox, further rumours from Thurrott suggest.

We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.