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Cancelled Batman Arkham game starred Damian as Batman

And featured old versions of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Batman Beyond-style.

A cancelled Batman Arkham sequel would have shot forward in time and featured Bruce Wayne’s son Damian as the Batman, leaked concept art suggests.

The concept art, made under the codename ‘Project Sabbath’, shows off older versions of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) alongside a female Black Mask. Also visable in the images are Two-Face, Poison Ivy and a dilapidated Gotham City. You can see the images below.

Moreover, the initial post suggest that Damian-as-Batman would ditch the Batmobile in favour of a Batbike and that the Nemesis system seen in Warner Bros.’s Middle-earth: Shadow franchise would have made an appearance as well.

The cancelled game was allegedly being worked on by Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio behind the rather lacklustre Batman: Arkham Origins and a rumoured Batman Court of Owls game. Rocksteady, the studio behind the core Batman Arkham games, is hard at work on a new, unannounced, game but has confirmed it’s not a rumoured Superman title.

What do you make of this lost entry in the Batman Arkham franchise?


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