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Resident Evil 3 demo: Here’s the new trailer that plays at the end

We've capped it so you don't have to be terrified by Nemesis.

The Resident Evil 3 demo is out now, and we’ve got the trailer that plays when you finish it.

Without further adieu, let’s show off the fancy trailer:

Coming in at just under a minute long, the trailer’s got a lot to decipher. What’s your favourite bit from it? I loved seeing ol’ Chickenheart, Brad Vickers, myself. What a coward.

All up, today’s demo only takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, but there are also 20 hidden Charlie statues to find. At the moment, we’ve only found 17 or 20… but we’re still hunting.

Resident Evil 3 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 3 April.


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