Home News Real supply drops celebrate PUBG’s Australian Xbox One launch

Real supply drops celebrate PUBG’s Australian Xbox One launch


Get some fresh air... and maybe a new console.

Xbox Australia has organised real-life supply drops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to celebrate the upcoming launch of PUBG on Xbox One.

The supply drops — one per city — will take place this weekend on Saturday, 9 December. Those lucky enough to find the drop have the chance to win prizes that include Xbox One X consoles and Elite Controllers, Xbox Live codes, PUBG swag and, of course, PUBG game codes that will unlock on 12 December, the game’s console launch date. Each crate contains 25 individual prizes.

“To obtain the loot from each supply crate, participants must keep an eye on the Xbox ANZ Facebook page for more details around the location and the password which will unlock the loot inside,” Xbox Australia continued.

“The location of the crates across each city will be announced via a dedicated Facebook event page for each location on the Xbox ANZ Facebook Page. The password will also be revealed via the Xbox ANZ Facebook page on Saturday, 9th December which participants will need to say to the staff members on hand when they arrive at the crate’s location in order to obtain the loot from the crate.”

Here’s a video with some influencers running around, simulating what to expect — it’s probably nothing like what’ll happen on 9 December, but whatever. Our advice would be not to take a frying pan with you if you’re gunning for a prize this weekend.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is available now on Windows PC. It heads to Xbox One next week, 12 December.