Quantic Dream loses French labour court case


The saga continues...

Quantic Dream has lost a French labour court case against a former employee.

The news comes by way of Eurogamer, which reports that a former employee who quit the studio will have that departure treated as an unfair dismissal. The French court assessing the case determined that allegations of a toxic work environment were true and that the employee was a victim.

The first report of a sexist and racist workplace originated in January of this year; five former employees filed a complaint against Quantic Dream after an IT manager had found 600 photoshopped images that depicted employees in offensive manners.

In response to the reports, Quantic Dream sued the French journalists who first reported on the incidents.

Because of the court’s ruling, the employee is now eligible for benefits despite resigning. Quantic Dream has the right to appeal the labour court’s decision.

It should also be noted that two other Quantic Dream employees have taken their cases to the labour court; both were dismissed and one of those cases is currently being appealed.

We’ll have more on this ongoing issue as it develops.

Quantic Dream’s latest title isĀ Detroit: Become Human, available now on PS4.