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Project xCloud meant to compliment consoles, says Phil Spencer

Consoles definitely have their place in the home, Spencer says.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has said Microsoft’s Project xCloud is meant to compliment, not replace, consoles.

In conversation with Giant Bomb, Spencer cited issues like internet data caps and resolution as things that would hinder a total move to digital streaming.

“[Those issues are] exactly why having a local device that you can download the games to and play from on your TV is going to be important,” Spencer said. “I don’t think today everybody wants every frame of gameplay – look at the number of hours I’ve played of Destiny 2 as an example – I don’t want all of those to be me writing checks to Comcast.”

Spencer said that Project xCloud wasn’t going to allow gamers the opportunity to play titles “in 8K at 120Hz”… at least, not yet.

“I think cloud technology has the capability over years to create a really compelling experience in the home on a large screen,” he continued. “[But] the best way for you to go play Cyberpunk… for you to go play any of the games that were shown here [at E3] for years, is going to be dedicated hardware in your home with local storage of those things bleeding to the screen as fast as it can.”

Very early testing suggests that Microsoft’s Project xCloud has less latency than Google’s Stadia, but as Spencer said, both services clearly have a long way to go before they’re console killers.

Are you keen to try out Project xCloud when technical tests start in October or would you rather stick with a console? If the latter, maybe Xbox’s next-gen Project Scarlett is for you.


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