Project xCloud internet requirements discussed by Microsoft

Project xCloud internet requirements and latency were recently discussed by Microsoft and should leave Aussies a little happier than recent revelations about Google Stadia.

While Stadia says it needs an internet connection of 25Mbps for a 1080p connection at 60 FPS (frames-per-second), Microsoft’s streaming service is looking to do similar in under 10Mbps.

“We hope to get down to single digit mbps. I think some of the demos we’ve shown so far have probably gone down to nine, 10mbps,” Microsoft’s Kareem Choudhry told Eurogamer. “Some of the work that we’re doing with Microsoft research, I think we’ll be able to get a really good video feed probably around six to five.”

With that in mind, be aware that specific resolution and FPS targets weren’t named, though Choudhry did confirm that Microsoft’s “first target” would be “Android phones” and likely a 1080p resolution as a result.

“We could send a 4K stream there, but probably [in] 1080p, no-one’s going to tell the difference,” he said, speaking of the decision.

Choudhry also confirmed that Project xCloud’s data centres run modified versions of the Xbox One S board for the purposes of 1080p streaming to phones. He also spoke about latency as a result of the centres themselves.

“From the data centres we have near Washington we’re seeing really good latency – less than 10 milliseconds that’s being added by the traversal to the cloud. Frankly we find more latency in the Bluetooth stack, connected to an Android phone,” Choudhry said.

Too good to be true, or good news? You tell us.

We’ll have more on Microsoft and Google’s competing streaming offerings — Project xCloud and Stadia, respectively — as it’s made available. Neither service has a confirmed Australian release date.

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