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PlayStation VR HDR upgrade soon to be offered by Sony

PlayStation VR HDR compatibility is soon on the horizon, with Sony yesterday confirming it will offer a headset that supports the standard.

The current PlayStation VR headset, model CUH-ZVR1, doesn’t have an HDR passthrough, meaning those with compatible TVs need to disconnect the unit before taking advantage. Thanks to firmware updates, any PS4 — new, old or Pro — is HDR capable.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR revision, model CUH-ZVR2, will support HDR passthrough, but the thing is, it’s an all or nothing approach. The cabling between the VR headset and the actual processing box — the one that all the HDMI cables are plugged into — is different, meaning old headsets won’t work with new processors. Simply put, if you’ve an old VR headset and want HDR passthrough, you’re going to have to buy PlayStation VR a second time.

It’s not all gloom and doom — in addition to the HDR passthrough, the revised headset will feature integrated headphones (seen above) and is streamlined in general.

There’s no word yet on pricing or release dates in the west, but Japan can expect the new units from 14 October. Sony has also confirmed the packaging for the PlayStation VR headsets will prominently display which model is on offer, so it seems like both the HDR and HDR-less options will be available on store shelves.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. An FAQ page has also been posted by Sony.

Are you planning on buying a (new?) PlayStation VR headset with HDR passthrough?

Update: The Japanese update also mentions upgraded PlayStation Move controllers that will also be sold at a later date.

The controllers will now support the PS3 and will come with MicroUSB ports for charging and pairing purposes.