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The Xbox Onesie is back, this time as a Forza 7 racing suit


Xbox Australia’s Xbox Onesie is back, this time in a racing suit-inspired limited edition design celebrating the launch of Forza Motorsport 7.

The revised Xbox Onesie design is stain-proof and offers elasticated pockets alongside an built-in, detachable hydration pouch and mouthpiece. Who needs to get off the couch?

The Onesie was built in cooperation with Porsche Cars Australia “to ensure the Onesie captured the essence of local motorsport,” Microsoft detailed.

Take a look at the Onesie in further detail, below:

“Motorsport is a risky business with dangers at every turn, so keeping cool and remaining comfortable is crucial to success.

“With so many similarities to real race suits, the Performance Edition Onesie is the perfect pairing to the most realistic motorsport game ever created”, said Chelsea Angelo, pictured above right alongside current Australian Carrera Cup champion, Matt Campbell.

As with the last run of Onesies, Xbox Australia will be giving a limited number of garments away to fans. Players are advised to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram later in the week. Xbox Australia will be using the #XboxOnesies hashtag across its social media accounts.

Are you gunning for a Onesie?

Forza Motorsport 7 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title that heads to Windows PC and Xbox One today, 3 October.