PlayStation VR is becoming a 3D Blu-ray player


Do you actually own and watch 3D Blu-rays? Well good news! You’ll soon be able to watch them through PlayStation VR.

The 3D fad has largely come and gone — the flimsy 3D glasses relegated to a box somewhere are already a relic — but Sony has rekindled our interest, if only for a moment.

The PS4 version 4.50 system update will enable watching stereoscopic 3D Blu-rays directly through PlayStation VR, transforming it into a personal 3D Blu-ray player. “Grab some popcorn and enjoy,” says the announcement on the PlayStation Blog; but with the PS VR headset on, that is easier said than done. Watching on PlayStation VR will be a solo experience, but it might provide more consistent 3D.

With the jump to 4K Ultra HD the future of 3D home media is unclear, as no existing UHD Blu-rays support 3D playback. Of course, the PS4 Pro doesn’t include a UHD Blu-ray player, so it’s irrelevant for watching on PS VR, but all models of the PS4 feature regular Blu-ray playback. With 2160p (4K) and HDR the current trends in TVs, 3D mightn’t have a lasting impact, but it’s nice to have a new way to watch all those 3D Blu-rays.

The 4.50 system update also adds external HDD support, custom wallpapers, simplified notifications and an improved quick menu.