PlayStation Classic debug menu enables NTSC emulation of PAL games



A PlayStation Classic debug menu allegedly lets players emulate NTSC, 60Hz play using the 50Hz PAL titles found in its library.

The menu, as discovered by Retro Gaming Arts, can be accessed plugging a USB keyboard into the PlayStation Classic’s controller 1 port and pressing escape. The trick is, only a host of keyboards work using this method — a Corsair K75 is one of them.

From the debug menu, players can mess around with save states and even emulate NTSC play inside a PAL title. While this sounds amazing, don’t forget that the PAL game is still being used as the base, so you shouldn’t expect proper 60Hz play without hiccups.

How long do you think it’ll be before we start seeing gamers trying to inject ROMs through the PlayStation Classic’s USB ports?

The PlayStation Classic is available now — we weren’t all that keen on it.