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New Zealand Government to fund twelve titles as part of its Interactive Development Fund


The New Zealand Federal Government recently announced the first twelve recipients of its Interactive Development Fund.

The twelve titles to receive funding are as follows:

  • Wake (Wrestler)
  • The Green Fairy (Conical Ltd)
  • Guardian (Metia Interactive)
  • NGATI AWA: TE TAHI O TE RANGI (Te Wananga/Wrestler)
  • Omega (Snow)
  • Fan Girl (Through The Fire Ltd)
  • Shoebox (Dinosaur Polo Club)
  • Dyancorp: We Come In Peace (Rox Flame Ltd)
  • The Last Ocean Virtual Expedition (Fisheye Films)
  • Wanderer (Method/Oddboy)
  • The Worst Journey in the World (Dot Dot Ltd)
  • Jerry & the Magical Cave (HighPitched Studios Ltd)

“The programme supports concept development of original narrative-focused interactive and games content delivered on any platform (including mobile, online, console as well as virtual reality (including 360) and augmented reality),” the New Zealand Film Commission said as part of its announcement.

“The funding provided will allow the teams to develop an interactive concept, including creative material such as story and design, that may form the basis of a playable prototype suitable for accessing the appropriate marketplace to seek project financing.”

Today, a second Australian government committee report recommended the reinstatement of Australian Interactive Games Fund.