Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support coming December 2020

Alongside news of a future update focusing on Great Britain.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support will come in December 2020, developer Asobo Studio has today confirmed. Moreover, the developer has detailed plans for a future update that will focus on Great Britain.

The VR update is first, expected on 22 December 2020 (just in time for the holidays!). The support will be part of the free Sim Update 2, and including support for headsets from Oculus and Valve. VR will be offered in-menu alongside the actual simulator itself, Asobo confirmed.

Next, World Update 3 is due on 26 January 2021 and will focus on Great Britain (or England, Scotland and Wales for those playing at home). The update will add 50-60 new points of interest and improve airports including Land’s End, Manchestor Baron and Liverpoool EGGP.

“We have awesome data for England, Wales and Scotland,” Asobo’s Jorg Neumann said in a recent Twitch stream. “We have a completely new set of aerials. Thank you, Bing, it’s really cool. We are trying hard to get data for at least Northern Ireland but we might as well do all of Ireland. We’re working on this. I hope to have an update there.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on Windows PC. We reviewed it here.

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