The Last Guardian struggles on PS4, plays best on PS4 Pro in 1080p mode


Digital Foundry has lashed out at The Last Guardian‘s performance on a standard PS4, saying the console “easily gives the worst performance” between it and the PS4 Pro’s two presentation modes.

Interestingly enough, the PS4 Pro in 1080p mode seems to run the game the best, providing a  “much smoother frame rate” than with other setups. This is accomplished by using the Pro’s power to keep frame rates stable rather than outputting at a higher resolution.

In 4K, textures and other in-game assets appear to have the same quality as their 1080p counterparts. Moreover, the game suffers from frame rate drops during busy scenes.

Over on the standard PS4, The Last Guardian experiences regular frame rate drops and stuttering.

The Last Guardian is available now. We reviewed it here.