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Hearthstone caster questions suspension after Blizzard apology

The caster says his action was a form of expression.

Hearthstone caster suspended as a result of a pro-democracy protest by pro player Ng Wai ‘blitzchung’ Chung has spoken out after an apology delivered by the publisher this past weekend.

PC Gamer reports that caster Virtual, one of the two casters who were hosting the stream in which blitzchung protested, has questioned his suspension after hearing the apology issued by Blizzard head, J. Allen Brack.

In particular, it was Brack’s comment, “I hope it’s clear how committed we are to everyone’s right to express themselves, in all kinds of ways and all kinds of places,” that spoke to him.

“Expressing myself is exactly what I did during casting,” Virtual told PC Gamer, referencing his action to hide under the broadcast desk as blitzchung made his protest. “So why is Blizzard still banning me for six months?”

When asked about the casters by PC Gamer, Brack said the suspension would stick and that it was because casters should be committed to focus on games.

“It’s clear that the goal is to have the broadcast move forward and be about the games,” Brack said.

“They are hired by Blizzard to do a job, and in this case that job is to keep the broadcast focused on what it needs to be focused on.”


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