Halo Infinite early access program, 4-player splitscreen confirmed


Including a customisation system inspired by Halo: Reach.

Halo Infinite details have suddenly emerged, and there’s a lot to cover including an early access program and a confirmation of 4-player splitscreen co-op.

First, 343 Industry’s Chris Lee and Brian Jarrard took to a recent Halo Infinite livestream to confirm that “different layers of the community will be able to play the game at different stages of development,” referring to the early access program as a “flighting program.”

“The flighting program isn’t like a beta, where it’s a moment in time on Halo 5 like we had for a couple weeks,” Lee, 343’s FPS head, said. “We want to have a relationship, and we want to build that over time. We can have people coming giving us feedback and playing the experiences, and we can update it as we go.”

During DICE 2017, 343 head Bonnie Ross confirmed that future Halo FPS games would have splitscreen support, but the livestream was the first time that 4-player splitscreen support was officially confirmed for Halo Infinite.

Finally, the livestream asserted that Halo Infinite will have a customisation system inspired by that of Halo: Reach.

For all we’ve learned about Halo Infinite, there’s still more that we don’t. The game is expected on Windows PC and Xbox One, but doesn’t have a release window as yet.