All of Halo’s first-person shooters will have split-screen in the future


343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross has used the DICE Summit 2017 to confirm that every new Halo first-person shooter will include split-screen capabilities.

Ross was frank about mistakes made by 343 Industries, who were passed the Halo torch by Microsoft after original developer Bungie chose to move on from the property, listing a lack of split-screen in Halo 5: Guardians and the failing multiplayer of Halo: The Master Chief Collection as prime mistakes.

Halo 5: Guardians was the first core title in the franchise without split-screen play, something that Ross admitted was “incredibly painful” for both the community and 343 Industries itself. Ross said future titles will support split-screen and not make the same mistake.

Ross added that her team”fell down” with the launch of The Master Chief Collection. Combined, Ross said those two key mistakes were likely to have eroded trust with players.

The 343 head asserted that she is “incredibly proud” of her team despite these setbacks.

The latest game in the Halo universe isn’t a first-person shooter — Halo Wars 2 is available now on Windows PC and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.