Gunfight 3v3 playlist coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare



Update: The Gunfight 3v3 playlist is live today, 15 January. Other changes thanks to today’s update include the following:

  • Shoot House 24/7 is back! (Replaces Shipment 24/7)
  • “Same Day Delivery” Playlist – Cranked and Drop Zone!
  • Gun Game is now in the Quick Play Filte

Original story: A Gunfight 3v3 playlist will soon be added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare, developer Infinity Ward advised in a recent update.

While Gunfight began as a 2v2 affair, Infinity Ward has recently offered players the chance to try a 1v1 mode via Modern Warfare‘s Season One update. The developer said that a 3v3 playlist is on the horizon, as is a Gunfight Tournament following a successful beta.

Moreover, Infinity Ward confirmed that additional Loadouts will soon be avaliable to players. While exact release dates of the above content are unknown, we’ll keep you posted as best we can. While you wait, you can read our Modern Warfare preview which focused on Gunfight itself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4; those who buy its Outback Relief pack will have its cost donated to Aussie bushfire relief in January 2020.