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Gears of War: Man who claims to be the real-life Cole Train suing for use of likeness

TMZ today reports that a man named Lenwood Hamilton is suing Gears of War voice actor Lester Speight over the character of Augustus ‘Cole Train’ Cole.

Hamilton’s suit, against Speight and possibly Microsoft and/or Epic Games, alleges that his likeness was used for the character without permission. The suit asks for a cut of sales from the popular franchise.

The plaintiff alleges that he and Speight had discussed Cole Train as a possible video game character, but only became aware of his inclusion into the Gears of War franchise when his son showed him the game in early last year. Hamilton alleges the similaries between himself and Cole Train include histories, attire, race and a gold front tooth. Hamilton also adds that he’s consulted with a forensic voice examiner who finds Hamilton’s voice the same as Cole Train’s in the original Gears of War.

We’ll keep you in the loop in regards to the lawsuit.

The character of Cole Train appeared in Gears‘ most recent release, Gears of War 4.


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