Battlefield 1 players claim anti-cheat tools are banning skilled soldiers


Battlefield 1 player kl-Spazmo is leading a charge against EA and DICE over on Reddit. The reason? He claims the game’s FairFight anti-cheat system has banned him for being simply too good.

The player was first temporarily banned by FairFight back in December.

“For me this temporary ban was reason enough to record everything that would happen after the suspension was lifted. And that’s what I did,” kl-Spazmo wrote.

Since then, he’s been permanently banned from the game, prompting the attention of Battlefield 1 Producer Ali Hassoon.

Since kl-Spazmo’s post, additional players have emerged, citing the same problem. Player Minidoracat has also written a lengthy post over on Reddit and has uploaded videos of his play.

We’ll report back on both players’ allegations when more is known.

Battlefield 1 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.