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Gamescom Death Standing videos: Peeing, Keighley & a creepy baby

Doritos and Mountain Dew not confirmed as yet.

Three new Gamescom Death Stranding videos have shed some light on the game and made it less — well, a little less — confusing.

As part of Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live program, Hideo Kojima made an appearance and showed off some gameplay. It features Keighley himself as an in-game character alongside the revelation that Death Stranding has weaponised the urine of its lead, Norman Reedus.

Moreover, character videos explain why the creepy baby seen in past videos is just that, a creepy baby. It’s actually called a Bridge Baby, which will help you to detect BTs, monsters, that could cause you harm. We were also introduced to Mama, otherwise known as Margaret Qualley. She’s got a ghost baby that she breastfeeds-but-not. You can’t make this stuff up.

At any rate, check out the new Death Stranding videos below.

Death Stranding is currently confirmed for an 8 November release on PS4.


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