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Gamer Girl announced, erased from existence by Wales Interactive

"This is not a game," a critic said. "These are our lives and real experiences."

Gamer Girl was announced by Late Shift and The Complex‘s Wales Interactive, quickly slammed by critics as insensitive.

“Adopt the role of moderator for up and coming streamer ‘Abicake99’, who’s back online after the mysterious disappearance of her friend Becky,” Wales Interactive’s press release reads, adding that dialogue was improvised by the cast and based off pre-scripted chat dialogue.

“Featuring multi-branched narrative and real-time chat simulation, your role as moderator is to control the stream, level up mod powers, guide Abi’s choices and uncover the threat she faces by an anonymous predator who hides in the stream’s chat.”

Despite the claim that “online abuse is real and is still happening every day” and that “Gamer Girl seeks to raise awareness of this issue,” most weren’t convinced of that. Gamer Girl‘s YouTube debut trailer (embedded below in case it reappears) was quickly pulled from the platform after criticism was almost immediately levied at it. A press kit provided to media has also been deleted.

Originally planned for a September release, we’ll let you know when we learn more of Gamer Girl and its fate. We’ve asked Wales Interactive for comment.


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