Future Quantic Dream games will be multiplatform at launch


Cage wants Quantic Dream to become a "boutique publisher".

Future Quantic Dream games will be multiplatform at launch, studio head David Cage has confirmed.

“Quantic Dream is not exclusive to any platform anymore,” Cage told DualShockers. “So yes, unless there are some specific exclusivity deals on a tile-by-title basis, all our games will be released on all platforms at launch.”

Explaining that he wishes to transition his studio from to that of a “boutique publisher”, Cage confirmed that he’d been working to drop PlayStation exclusivity for “around two years before the release of Detroit [Become Human].

“After working exclusively with PlayStation for 12 years, we thought it was the right time for us to put our money where our mouth is,” Cage added.

Back in January, NetEase purchased a minority stake in Quantic Dream. Since then, we’ve seen ports of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls on PC; Detroit: Become Human is still to come.