Fortnite sued over another dance; Forza Horizon 4 removes emotes


The lawsuits keep coming.

Fortnite dance lawsuits keep coming and Forza Horizon 4 has removed several emotes to try to avoid the same situation.

Joining lawsuits from Backpack Kid and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Carlton is a lawsuit from… Orange Shirt Kid. You can’t make this up.

Variety reports that Orange Shirt Kid’s mother, Rachel McCumbers, filed a suit that alleges copyright infringement. The suit says Epic “did not credit Orange Shirt Kid nor seek his consent to use, display, reproduce, sell, or create a derivative work based upon Orange Shirt Kid’s Random dance or likeness in Fortnite.”

The difference between this lawsuit and others against Fornite is that Orange Shirt Kid’s dance was submitted to Epic as part of its BoogieDown contest. In that contest, Epic’s rules for entry state that the developer has rights to use submitted dances. While the lawsuit doesn’t mention the contest, it does indicate that Orange Shirt Kid copyrighted the dance on 10 January 2019, a day before the lawsuit was filed.

In light of the lawsuits, Forza Horizon 4 seems to have removed two emotes from its library: Carlton and Floss, two dances currently involved in Fortnite lawsuits.

In addition to suing Fortnite for use of the Carlton dance, Alfonso Ribeiro is also suing NBA 2K19.

What do you make of all these lawsuits?