Fallout 76 secret developer room found in-game


Bethesda is allegedly banning those who access it.

Fallout 76‘s woes continue after players have stumbled upon an in-game developer room that provides access to pretty much the entirety of its item catalogue.

The news of the room first appeared on Reddit before a YouTube video was created (and removed, and reuploaded); Eurogamer has reported that select PC players have known about the room for the last few weeks at least.

The biggest issue with the room is that players who access it can obtain a number of high-level, rare items like unreleased weaponry, Power Armor, paint jobs and other items. Players told Eurogamer that they’re aware of others who’ve obtain said items and then taken to sites like eBay to sell the content onward, thereby ruining the game’s balancing and economy.

Weirdly enough, the room also provides access to what seems to be Fallout 76‘s lone human NPC, a man named Wooby.

Users on Reddit are reporting that Bethesda is suspending accounts of any player that enters the secret developer room. One player in particular has said that they’ve allegedly received a message stating their character was in a “corrupted and/or unusual state” and that the account would remain banned until Bethesda was informed how entrance to the room was obtained.

What do you make of this latest Fallout 76 scandal?

Fallout 76 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.