Overwatch League’s first female player is Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon


Great news.

It’s official: Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon is the Overwatch League’s first female player.

As rumoured, Se-yeon, an off-Tank player, was signed by the Shanghai Dragons, who released a press release today confirming the move.

“Over five weeks, players demonstrated an extremely high level of play, showing audiences around the globe the highest level of competitive Overwatch. During this time, the Shanghai Dragons worked to identify gaps in the lineup and explore potential lineup and strategy optimization by reviewing matches,” the release reads.

“In order to create a team lineup with more flexibility and synergy amongst the players, the Shanghai Dragons management team prioritized the player signing window that began in February, focusing on bringing in the best additions for the team.”

Se-yeon was one of four players newly signed by the Dragons. The new additions are as follows:

  • Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-Yeon (Mains: Zarya, D.Va, and Roadhog)
  • He ‘Sky’ Junjian (MainsAna, Zenyatta, and McCree)
  • Lee ‘Fearless’ Eui-Seok (MainsWinston, Reinhardt, and Roadhog)
  • Chon ‘Ado’ Gi-Hyeon (MainsGenji, Tracer, Pharah, and Doomfist)

The additions will hopefully help the Dragons perform better than in Stage One, where they were unable to secure a single win.

Congratulations to Kim Se-yeon on this historic appointment.