Brisbane Lions’ Mitch Robinson signs with the Chiefs’ Fortnite squad



The Brisbane Lions’ Mitch Robinson has signed on with the Chiefs’ Fortnite squad, it was today revealed.

By way of the Chiefs’ website, we know that Robinson means business.

“I can’t wait to join The Chiefs and get started with my streaming set up, so I’m looking forward to 2019,” Robinson said.

“I jumped on [playing Fortnite] on console and I was pretty bad with the remote, and I used to be a gamer back in the day, so my brother, who is a massive tech head, he setup a gaming PC for me. Sooner or later I got pretty good at it and I started to show some skills, so it’s been pretty fun.”

There you have it — Robinson will juggle his commitment to the Chiefs alongside his AFL career. Going off coverage of the signing by the AFL itself, Robinson seems to have the sporting organisation’s blessing.

We’ll have more on how Robinson goes throughout both his seasons.