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Apex Legends’ map was leaked to Reddit a full year ago

But no one believed it.

Apex Legends’ map was leaked to Reddit almost a full year ago, though no one believed it at the time.

Redditor hiticonic leaked the map in a post titled, “Alleged Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Battle Royal game” back in April 2018, but the post was largely met with disbelief. The post accurately displays the map that would later be known as Apex Legends‘ Kings Canyon.

The top comment on the post was simple, yet efficient: “I really hope this doesn’t happen.” Since then, the commenter has apologised for his attitude, adding, “I have put too much time into this game so far, my prejudice was very wrong. You should see my inbox lmao.”

A Respawn Community Manager going by JayFresh_Respawn on Reddit was pretty happy no one believed the leak at the time. “Haha I remember this!” he wrote. “It was a relief to see folks blow it off and I was thinking, ‘well, he’ll be able to say I was right when next year comes along.’”

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game indeed set in the universe of Titanfall. The game is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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