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Now Resident Evil 2 has a thicc Sexy Leon mod

Sexy Leon asks, "why should Mr. X have all the fun?"

A new Resident Evil 2 mod allows for a thicc mod, following on from a similar thicc Mr X mod available last week.

Called Sexy Leon, the mod is really making us regret we’re not playing Resident Evil 2 on PC. Unlike Mr X’s speedo, Leon is sporting a g-string — it’s emblazoned with an RPD logo on the front and a knife holster on the back. Best yet? Leon’s got a “Rookie” tattoo on his right shoulder. Check the mode out in (NSFW) action below.

On PC and wanting to download the mod? Easy — grab it right here on NexusMods, courtesy ToraNeko98.

Resident Evil 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you’re not too busy checking out in-game characters, we’ve a number of guides that may help you survive right here.


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