Devolver asks which of its titles you’d like to see on Switch


They're asking, so you'd better answer...

Devolver Digital has taken to Twitter to ask players which of its titles they’d like to see ported over to Switch.

Like, literally.

“Hey,” Devolver’s tweet began, “what Devolver Digital game do you want in Switch next?”

A number of Devolver titles are currently available on Switch, including the likes of OlliOlli, Minit, The Messenger, Enter the Gungeon, Downwell, Ape Out, My Friend Pedro, Gris and more. Notable gaps in the Devolver library include titles like Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2, Shadow Warrior and the Serious Sam series.

While we’re sure you’ll all add your support for Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 to the list, what other titles would you be keen to see on Switch?