Destiny’s Age of Triumph event will revitalise all of its Raids


Destiny‘s final live event, Age of Triumph, is going old-school, revitalising all of its existing Raids.

The event will “bring a Guardian’s adventure full-circle and create a moment where our community can reunite around some of their best victories,” Community Manager David ‘DeeJ’ Dague said in a livestream this morning.

All Raids will be brought “up to parity with each other,” he continued, meaning that any available Raid will be helpful in achieving 400 Light in-game.

Special ornaments will also be available so players can “decorate their Guardian one final time,” DeeJ said.

Each week in April will focus on one of Destiny‘s existing Raids. Crota’s End kicks festivities off, followed by the Vault of Glass, then King’s Fall and finally, Wrath of the Machine.

Moreover, Age of Triumph will use “the biggest record book we’ve ever created,” DeeJ continued, saying it will allow players the chance to “rediscover some of their finer moments.”

Those who get to Rank 7 using the new record book will be able to purchase a special shirt, with proceeds going to charity, much like the King’s Fall record book.

Developer Bungie is looking to move on to Destiny 2, but it has committed to supporting the original for quite some time. Bungie has also detailed what of your Guardian will carry over into the sequelDestiny 2 is expected in November.