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Destiny 2 Forge exploit is truly embracing the Darkness

Season of Arrivals players are really getting into character.

Update: Aaaaand it’s patched.

Original story: Destiny 2 Forge exploit is being used by Season of the Arrivals players… and fittingly so, since embracing the Darkness is the theme of the season itself.

The Black Forges are once again Destiny 2‘s most popular activity, but players aren’t playing the Forges so much as loading in, going AFK and then failing them. Over and over and over.

While Destiny 2 has protections in place to stop players from going AFK, or away from keyboard, normally, the Forges are a bit different. Because they’ve got a very short timer that tracks failures, players can simply load in, die, fail, automatically reload and repeat. Doing so will wrack up Umbral Engrams, extremely useful in Season of the Arrivals to level up.

Bungie obviously knows about this exploit, so don’t be surprised if it’s patched out soon. If you decide to be a bad guy, common courtesy suggests trying to load into a Forge as a three-man team as to not pair with players actually wanting to take part in the event. If you’re going it alone, try to bring your Light level way down from what it normally is in order to reduce the odds of matchmaking.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. A next-gen version is planned alongside the release of Destiny 2 Beyond Light later this year.


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