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Death Stranding is a metaphor for Trump, says Kojima

'Cause we all need more Trump in our lives, right?

Hideo Kojima has called Death Stranding a metaphor for the President of the USA, Donald Trump.

“It’s about America,”  Kojima told Game Informer, referring to the country the game is set in, “but I made that map deliberately not correctly America. Maybe it looks like Japan from that angle. I want people to not think ‘America,’ but ‘where you are.’ Because it depends on who is seeing it. And of course, it’s in the future, and everyone’s connected by internet, but everyone is fragmented. That’s kind of a metaphor as well.”

Death Stranding‘s protagonist, Sam, works a day job that has him connecting the country up to the chiral network, a communications system that’s available to allies of the United Cities of America.

“When you connect, you can use UCA services, but at the same time, they’re retrieving your information 24 hours a day,” Kojima continued. “It’s like 1984. Some people may not like that, and say ‘I’m not going to connect to UCA, because we’re going to repeat the same thing that we did.’ Like Trump, or the EU, these things. It’s a metaphor.”

Death Stranding will be available on PS4 from 8 November.


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