Civilization 6 is expanding to Australia today


Update: The Australian 2017 summer update for Civilization 6 is available right now. It adds the Outback Tycoon scenario, with Prime Minister John Curtin. The update also adds team multiplayer and tools support through Steam Workshop.

Original story: Civilization 6 is coming to Australia, led by 14th Prime Minister John Curtin, who served from 1941 to 1945. He was the bloke in charge when Australia was under direct threat from Japan during World War II, but sadly passed away while in office on July 5, 1945.

In Civ 6, you’ll be able to build outback stations — the largest, Anna Creek Station, is 6,000,000 acres. That makes it seven times larger than the biggest cattle station in the US, and slightly bigger than Israel. There’s also a unique Digger unit, representing Australia’s armed forces that served in World War I and II.

The Australia update will also add Steam Workshop support to Civilization 6, but no date has been announced yet.