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Capcom aims to “unify the community” by releasing Street Fighter V exclusively on PC and PS4

You may have noticed that Capcom’s Street Fighter V is missing from a certain console despite most previous Street Fighter tournaments being held on it.

Speaking to Gamesradar, Street Fighter V’s Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono had this to say about why Capcom chose to ditch the Xbox One: “We wanted to really unify the community, in previous titles we’d say ‘we’re having a tournament’ and it’s like ‘which version? Is it PC, Xbox, PlayStation? Which joystick should I bring? Which framerate should I practice in?’ It was all over the place. We wanted to have it be one place to play Street Fighter

So there you go. More and more titles are utilizing cross platform multiplayer between PC and PS4 to great effect, Microsoft may need to scrub whatever policy is preventing developers from using cross platform before they fall too far behind.

Street Fighter V launches sometime in 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.


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