Brawlhalla cross-play supported between Xbox One, Switch


PS4? Hahaha.

Fighter Brawlhalla now supports cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, developer Blue Mammoth Games has confirmed.

“This means Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users can matchmake against each other in all online queues (like Ranked, Experimental, FFA, etc), and you can join each other’s custom lobbies,” the developer said in an update. “There are actually no restrictions between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players now. Everything you could do before, you can now do between these platforms.”

Blue Mammoth said queue times will be sped up for those looking for matches on either console as a result, though matchmaking will ensure that players of similar skill levels are paired with one another.

“Now, we are working hard on Phase Four of the rollout, and we will give you more details when we have them,” the developer added. We’ll detail what that means when news is made available.

Brawlhalla is available now on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.